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Christmas Tree Pricing & Selection




Our cut your own and precut Christmas trees are individually priced. Each tree that is for sale has a white tag attached with the variety, price and approximate size listed. This way you will know exactly what that tree costs before you cut it down. The tag must stay attached to the tree until it is removed by one of our workers. Any tree that is cut without a tag is $15 per foot with a minimum of $75. So please be sure the tree you are choosing has a price tag attached. This requires extra labor on our part but helps us to know what our inventory is and allows us to price trees according to the variety, height and quality and makes for a better selection throughout the season.




Our tree varieties in the cut your own include: Balsam, Fraser, Fraser–Balsam Cross, White Pine, Scotch Pine, Meyer Spruce & White Spruce. We have large trees (10'-13'+) in Balsam & White Spruce. We also have 20'+ Balsam trees available. 

In our precut selection, we have Balsam, Fraser, Canaan, Korean, White Pine & Blue Spruce. Our precut trees are priced the same as the cut your own based on variety, height and quality.


Fraser Fir

  • Cut-your-own & pre-cut options
  • Most popular Christmas tree
  • Dark green with silver sheen
  • Strong branches with short needles
  • Sturdy for hanging ornaments

Balsam Fir

  • Cut-your-own & pre-cut options
  • Available in 10'–20'+ heights, too!
  • Strong Christmas tree fragrance
  • Dark green
  • Sturdy layered branches

Other Firs

  • Cut-your-own Fraser–Balsam Cross
  • Pre-cut Canaan & Korean Firs

White Pine

  • Cut-your-own & pre-cut options
  • Heights up to 13' available
  • Long, soft blue-green needles
  • Beautifully full and soft to touch
  • Trim with garland and lights
  • Lightweight ornaments only


  • Cut-your-own
  • Dense and full-bodied
  • Dark green needles
  • Stiff branches for ornaments
  • Excellent needle retention


  • Cut-your-own Meyer or White
  • Precut Blue Spruce
  • Refined, symmetrical shape
  • Striking bluish-green color