where Christmas is alive and well all year long

Gift Shop Opening Soon

Cornerstone Pines will be opening the gift shop the 2nd weekend of the month, May through November, Friday, Saturday & Sunday from 11:00-5:00. 

We have gourmet foods, honey, maple syrup, soaps, lotions, candles, puzzles, socks, scarves, mittens, refurbished items, home decor and more.

Need a Mother's day gift for Mom? Or something for Dad to brighten his fishing opener weekend? Come and check us out. 

Like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram or check the website for more details, specials and upcoming events. 

Spring will arrive eventually or maybe we'll just go right into summer. Whatever the case may be, we will all need to get out of the house. Come on out, shop the gift shop and enjoy the peaceful surroundings by going for a walk or just sitting outside. 

Gift Shop dates: May 11-13

                         June 8-10

                         July 13-15

                         August 10-12

                         September 7-9

                         October 12-14

                         November 9-11

Hours are 11:00-5:00





Ready or Not

The time is drawing near and the building is ready, well almost. We are still working on the bathroom but should be completed by opening day. This building project has been quite the learning experience. But being able to make wreaths in a warmer climate and having all the supplies in one place is great. We hope you come and check it out and enjoy more elbow room to browse our gift selection and have hot chocolate or apple cider. We will also have Fireside Coffee and Annie B's caramels and popcorn for sale. The trees are priced and looking really good just waiting for someone to take them home. Spruce tops, garland and some wreaths are available now. Mrs. Claus' house (the old gift shop) is still a work in progress so please be patient with us as we determine what that is going to look like. 
Have a great day. 


Building IMG_2064 As you can see by the picture, things will be a little different here at Cornerstone Pines this Christmas season. Some changes are taking place, unfortunately not fast enough. This building will house our gift shop, wreath making and tree working space. It should be ready by the time we open in November but will not make it for our tagging event in October. We will still have the tagging event but the gift shop will not be set up I'm afraid. 

The building will provide you, our customers, with more elbow room to browse and enjoy hot chocolate and apple cider. It will allow us to have everything in one place so we can serve you better. The old gift shop has been moved and will be part of Santa's Village. It's a surprise as to exactly what it will be (even to me at this point) so come and check it all out. 

We have also extended our hours and changed the schedule for sleigh rides. Please be sure to visit the other pages on the website for this information. We are still working on some events so please check back to keep up to date on what is happening. 

It seems a little early to be thinking of Christmas but it will come fast and schedules will fill up. We would be thrilled if you could fit us in your schedule and we could be part of your Christmas celebration. 

Getting Things Ready!

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Professional Photographer

On Sunday December 8 & Saturday, December 14 there will be a professional photographer at our farm. You can schedule a 30 minute session of portraits - individual & family; or 30 minute "lifestyle" shoot, capturing you and your family choosing your tree, sipping hot chocolate, playing in the snow, visiting Santa, etc. Please contact Wendy (wendy@bellasaluti.com) to schedule your time and to get more information. Read More

Not so far away.

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Getting Ready

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What's all this white stuff?

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Winter Storm

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