19180 281st Ave.
Grey Eagle, MN 56336
Phone: 320.732.3299
where Christmas is alive and well all year long


Not so far away.

The day is a little dreary but there is no snow or rain. Any business that has something to do with Christmas trees or boughs or spruce tops, etc., like the weather like this because it makes it easier to keep the material we are working with cool. This is essential if you want your product to last through Christmas. 

We have started to make wreaths and other items. Santa's workshop is ready for his visit. The trees are tagged with prices. The Nativity is set out. The gift shop is stocked and set up. We have a few odds and ends to do but otherwise I think we are ready. Our opening date is November 23 which is the Saturday before Thanksgiving. We don't sell too many trees on this weekend but there are families who have kids coming home for Thanksgiving that want to help decorate the tree but do not have time to go pick one out. I think that decorating the tree together as a family is an awesome thing. 

Best get back to my to do list. 

Hope to see you soon.