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where Christmas is alive and well all year long


As I write and look out the window, it is BEAUTIFUL. The trees are sparkling like diamonds. I took a few pictures but they don't do it justice... Read More

Professional Photographer

On Sunday December 8 & Saturday, December 14 there will be a professional photographer at our farm. You can schedule a 30 minute session of portraits - individual & family; or 30 minute "lifestyle" shoot, capturing you and your family choosing your tree, sipping hot chocolate, playing in the snow, visiting Santa, etc. Please contact Wendy (wendy@bellasaluti.com) to schedule your time and to get more information. Read More

Not so far away.

The day is a little dreary but there is no snow or rain. Any business that has something to do with Christmas trees or boughs or spruce tops, etc., like the weather like this because it makes it easier to keep the material we are working with cool. This is essential if you want your product to last through Christmas... Read More

Getting Ready

As I write, it is raining. Praise the Lord. The grass is actually turning green again. We continue to pray for those who have too much rain and those who do not have enough... Read More

What's all this white stuff?

As I write, the sun is shinning and the snow is melting. Finally. Our seedlings are being pulled today and loaded on a truck tomorrow for delivery next week. Hopefully we can start planting soon. I'm all for the moisture but in the form of rain would be good. Not that I'm picky or anything. I'm sure all the animals would like some open water and fresh food too. Happy spring everyone! Read More